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The Kildavnet Castle

The Kildavnet Castle

West Ireland | County Mayo

The Kildavnet Castle also known as Grace O'Malley's Castle is fine example of Irish tower house which were built in the likeness of the Norman design. This 15th century stronghold is located near small harbour of Kildavnet on the scenic Achill's Atlantic Drive which begins in Achill Sound. Probably built by powerful Clan O’Malley which controlled a large part of Co. Mayo and owned a number of castles. They also had a several galleys which they used for trading and piratical activities like for example raids on other clans territories and even to Scotland or collecting taxes from passing ships.

The most famous owner of Kildavnet Castle was Grannuaile (Grace O’Malley) "the Pirate Queen" who has resided the castle in 16th century. After her husband died in battle, she became chieftan of O'Malleys clan and was very successful in pursuing their business activities. Famous for to have met with Queen Elizabeth I in 1593 after she petitioned for the release of her son kidnaped by Richard Bingham who was commissioned by queen.

Set at the water's edge The Tower House is 12m (40ft) in height and has three storeys and stands at a strategically important point, guarding the waters of Achill Sound which links Clew Bay with Blacksod Bay. Unfortunately, the fortress is not prepared to explore for turists and we can only have a look from the outside.

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